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2016 Day 2: Deeper Dive

day-2-deeper-diveToday we dove deeper into the video conferencing ocean and built upon our knowledge and skills.

We started the day with an active roll call with our group “cheers.”

We used Math Marvels to explore the Academic Challenges format during our project simulation time.

Our guest speakers came in from LEARNnco and the Center for Puppetry Arts.

During our local times we started introducing ourselves using a Google Presentation slide.

We picked back up with our small groups in the afternoon, assigning team roles and further identifying the aspects of our projects.

As you reflect on the activities of the day, please review the questions below and post a comment.

* What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Tuesday morning?

* What is your powerful learning for today?

* What excites you about using video conferencing with your staff or students?












  1. I know that preparation is essential to effective lessons.
    I look forward to merging library lessons with video conferencing.

  2. What I learned today that I didn’t know was how to work in Google drive. I had never done a Google doc, Google form, or Google slide. They were pretty simple to navigate and I was able to use prior knowledge with another product to assist me.

    Today’s takeaway for me was being able to conceptualize an actual video conferencing event with an elementary campus and begin to work out the details as to how we could do it.

    The exciting thing about this technology is learning how to use the equipment properly but also understanding the prep work involved and nuances in creating and implementing a successful video conference event.

    • Alice, I am glad you are conceptualizing the event. One of the elements that I love about the week of JAZZ training is that we spend so much time in video conferencing that we get fluent with the technology and so many ideas of what we can do with students.

      It really is the little things that make a big difference in a conference!


  3. I know what the presentation button does now. I also learned about more content providers. I also learned how much time and energy it takes to create a presentation or a lesson for videoconferencing; it’s overwhelming.

    Powerful learning? Um, see above. 🙂

    Through videoconferencing, I think students will have opportunities to experience things they likely wouldn’t have access to otherwise. That’s exciting!

    • Mary Anne, yay for learning the presentation button. That is powerful! In the development and preparation for the first presentation/lesson, can seem daunting, so look for a structure that can be used for different lessons, or content.

      Thanks for helping Pauline today!


  4. * What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Tuesday morning?
    The many affordable VC opportunities there are out there.

    * What is your powerful learning for today?

    I need coffee.

    * What excites you about using video conferencing with your staff or students?

    The battle of the books competition we’re setting up for the HS.

    • Lenny, great to see that you are finding some affordable opportunities. I always need coffee! I am curious and can’t wait to hear about the Battle of the Books!


  5. I am now aware of all of the providers that are available. I became more familiar with Google Docs. Videoconferencing seems to be a great learning tool that students will greatly enjoy.

  6. Reflection Day 2
    * What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Tuesday morning?
    That keeping time zones clear is vital.
    * What is your powerful learning for today?
    Realizing that no matter how cool a lesson may be, it’s of no use if it does not meet our TEKS.
    * What excites you about using video conferencing with your staff or students?
    Witnessing the excitement the students produce and share.

  7. 1. What I know today that I didn’t know before was how to start a google doc. I also realized how many documents I had saved in Google Drive and I didn’t even know I had.
    2. My powerful learning for today was really realizing how many different video conference templates there are. It made me really open my eyes to the power of video conferencing.
    3. Planning some new and exciting exchange projects with other people from this conference. I want to do some fun and easy projects with my older grades (who often get overlooked).

    • Morgan,
      I love that you are interested in the upper grades. They respond well to highly targeted curricular programs and collaborations.

      Thanks again for stepping into the Roll Call Facilitator again today 🙂

  8. Day 2

    Something I didn’t know earlier that I know now is that my colleagues are more excited about all of this than they let on. The days are long but we aren’t walking out of here feeling like we’ve wasted our time.

    Something powerful that I learned today is that the group at the other site is just as excited and just as concerned about doing this project well. We all have success in mind!

    I’m excited about the VCC again. I hope that it doesn’t continue to just collect dust at my school after this workshop.

  9. Today we discovered how important it is to make sure that everyone that will be in the meeting agrees upon the time that the event will occur, specifically the adjustment for time zones. My powerful A-HA moment was when we discussed what we believe should be included within the Video Conference, specifically the interaction and enthusiasm by the presenter. I am excited about using the video conferencing equipment with our students. I believe this will provide them with a value-added benefit of becoming technology-able (using Google Docs, VC equpment, Ipads–all at the same time) to work with different technology devices in our digital rich environments.

    • Rosa,

      I love that you are thinking about the convergence of technologies. That is exactly how I use video conferencing “in the real world”…VC + Google Docs + mobile device + whatever else I need to accomplish my work.


  10. Today I learned how easy it is to incorporate puppet art into the curriculum and entice our teachers to want to participate in a video conference or two!

    The powerful learning of today was how to conduct a math conference and how to access resources to challenge other local schools to participate in a math conference.

    What excites me about video conferencing with our staff is that I get to help incorporate new techniques. I can help teachers by doing the footwork, the research, the connections and help them with this new endeavor. What excites me about VC with the students is building cognitive skills and helping them to become 21st Century Learners!

    • Anne,

      The academic challenge structures are some of my favorites. I love how targeted we can be with the curriculum and varied in our interactions with these!


  11. Today I learned that patience and troubleshooting are both required for a positive video conferencing experience. Just like with most things in life, the more we practice, the better we get.
    I can’t wait to see the staff and students at my school experience learning while having fun in an interactive and engaging way! I am ready to feel like a rockstar at the end of day 4!

    • “Today I learned that patience and troubleshooting are both required for a positive video conferencing experience.

      I totally agree!!

  12. * What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Tuesday morning?
    I am gaining new comfort in using the conferencing technology.
    * What is your powerful learning for today?
    What I have learned is the cliché hope for the best and to prepare for the worst. Have structures in place really cuts down on possible pitfalls.
    * What excites you about using video conferencing with your staff or students?
    I cannot wait to show my students and staff how easy it is to actually do video conferencing. I think the unfamiliarity causes anxiety about using it.

    • Victor,

      I love hearing you talk about the increased comfort with the technology. You are exactly right about the unfamiliarity with it causing anxiety. Being immersed in it for this week will take you to “rockstar” level quicker than any other way.


  13. I knew that working in groups can be hard, but I realized today that adding in more factors, such as technology, makes it even harder.

    The fact that using video conferencing allows me to teach concepts in a new way excites me. These are lessons that students will remember more than the traditional paper/pencil ones.

    • Martha,

      It can be a challenge, but kudos to your group for working through that. I was discussing this with Ken tonight and I am wondering if some of the challenges that you guys were having were related to the computers.

      You are correct that these are the lessons that students will be engaged in and also remember!


  14. I like how we connected with other sites such as the Center for Puppetry Arts. Making a take-home activity like the penguin was fun. Other sites also gave me ideas on the strategies, which are effective to use with students. This includes being prepared, having a variety of activities, and using interactive strategies.

  15. What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Tuesday morning?
    Everyone and I mean everyone struggles with technology.
    * What is your powerful learning for today?
    Be flexible
    * What excites you about using video conferencing with your staff or students?
    The opportunity to exchange ideas and exposure to other cultures, ideas, and diversity.

  16. I loved the “on the spot” make and take with the puppet.
    It was a good review for general vocabulary for both VC technology and some science vocab.

    We did have a time challenge with changing the time of one guest speaker. Flexibility is key with any lesson plan, so triple that when doing a VC session. Also, conferencing with others when collaborating is a challenge as well with the mic and taking turns to make sure that everyone can hear each other. I’m excited to construct a project that we can use with our teachers.

  17. What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Tuesday morning?
    I did not know how the body pushes out poop. I also learned how teach lessons and interact with others using the VC. What works on camera and what doesn’t etc.
    * What is your powerful learning for today?
    The thing is that I have always had an apprehension with technology because I thought I was incompetent with all the technology issues I would have. Today there was a lot of technology issues especially with our group time. So I just realized that I am not the problem, technology is the problem and part of integrating technology into the curriculum is being able to maneuver through all the mess and technical difficulties and still manage to be sane and happy.
    * What excites you about using video conferencing with your staff or students?
    What excites me is to be able to communicate and learn from other people beyond the classroom.

    • Lorena,

      I love your powerful learning today. That is awesome! I have been around tech groups for the past 12 years, so I have picked up a lot of troubleshooting, but when you realize you have the power to help things get better, or use Plan B, it is powerful!

  18. Today I learned more about how to use the video conferencing control panel. I also learned how the connections work in regard to “meeting rooms” verses direct calls to each other. It’s amazing how many people can participate in a conference at the same time! This was my powerful learning for today.

    I am very excited and enthusiastic to use video conferencing with my faculty, staff, campus. I look forward to not only using video conferencing for large scale projects among schools, but also, perhaps a series of smaller scale conferences on a per month basis. I think that it is a shame that this tool is not used more often, and I hope to bring the knowledge to my campus so that we can truly utilize video conferencing to its full potential.

    • Michelle,

      I had to smile when I read your comment. I love your plan! Also, know that we will be doing additional trainings with El Paso ISD, so we will be continuing to help y’all.


  19. 1. I learned more ways to use the VC. I want to learn how to use the euqipment.
    2. Meeting more presenters and their ideas.
    3. Connecting with others school for simple projects. Someone also suggested having older students present to younger students. This way you get two schools involved and later think about having the students meet in person.

    • Michelle,

      Love, love, love this! I hope to see the cross grade level connections in the future.


  20. Using the equipment for this more lengthy period of time is helping me to build more confidence with both the equipment and the process of video conferencing. I am also shedding some of my anxiety about being on camera which will make future video conferences less threatening.
    I have learned that planning for ways to be interactive will be very important for making the video conferences fun and successful.
    Every year I look for a new way to do something in order to break out of my same old routine. Video conferences will be a great way to breathe new life into our school and library.

    • Awesomeness. I love to hear how the hands-on experience is beneficial. It can feel chaotic and a lot of work this week, but it will “level” us up!


  21. Despite the fact that I have some experience with VC, everything seems new! New things can be scary; however, I am still very excited and looking forward to making VC work at the district level.

    I realize that there has to be great buy-in, there has to be a lot of planning and dedication but it is doable and worth it!

    • Armando,

      Thank you for your time and participation this week. I know how challenging it is to carve out a week and your participation speaks volume.

      I am looking so forward to hearing about the projects on Friday,


  22. Before class began today, I did not know how much stress can be involved in putting together a videoconferencing training. Facilitating the different video conferencing events from different time zones, organizing group activities, ordering lunch, going around helping everybody with technology issues, etc. seems to be a three-ringed circus. From the outside looking in, it appears to be smooth, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Wrapping one’s head around all of the technology and multi-tasking is a must.

    The most powerful learning for me today was seeing how important it is to go through the learning cycle just as one does in a normal classroom setting. Movement is important as well.

    What excites me about using the video conferencing is that I am not limited by brick and mortar. I can organize just about anything from anywhere with some leg work.

  23. That i2i has a variety of different formats beyond the cart that seem more flexible and easier to use. The table top configuration and the Web based format seem really easy to use.

    What I learned today:
    Once again…be patient, keep trying, don’t give up. Technology is supposed to be finicky.

    Seeing kids interact and work and learn together across distances.

  24. I am very excited about sharing video conferencing with my teachers and students because of all the opportunities it will bring to their classrooms. I think it is awesome to connect to schools across the city and to places around the world.

  25. * What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Tuesday morning?
    I did not know how to use the video cart. I got to learn how to use the remote and also how to call and to connect the computer to it.

    * What is your powerful learning for today?
    I enjoyed the oatmeal poop lesson.

    * What excites you about using video conferencing with your staff or students?
    I think there are so many opportunities to learn. There really is no end to who you can do this with and you can get creative to what actitivies you can do. I am excited to start.

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