Posted by: 123vc | Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 2: The Journey Continues

journeyToday we continued our video conferencing journey together building upon our knowledge and skills.

We started the day with an active roll call all the way around with our group “cheers.”

We used Math Marvels to explore the Academic Challenges format during our project simulation time.

Our guest speakers came in from the Manhattan School of Music and the Center for Puppetry Arts.

During our local times we started introducing ourselves using a Google Presentation slide and got a preview of the MysteryQuest collaborative project simulation planned for tomorrow.

We picked back up with our small groups in the afternoon, assigning team roles and further identifying the aspects of our projects.

As you reflect on the activities of the day, please review the questions below and post a comment.

* What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Monday morning?

* What is your powerful learning for today?

* What excites you about using videoconferencing with your staff or students?





  1. I am really excited to do the video conference project with 2 other AIMS classes like mine. My students do not get to interact with other AIMS students since we are the only AIMS classroom on campus. I think my students will be really excited to work with other 5th grade students at another campus.

  2. I know how to use the conference calling now! I struggled with that before. My powerful learning today was how to connect breaking down poems in a highly engaging way. I love the idea of connecting to other classrooms with my students so they can share their ideas and their work. I can’t wait to see how the validation that comes with connections works in my students.

  3. I loved the ideas on math marvels and would like to try the quiz bowl out when I get back to school. We talked at my table about mixing the 3-5th graders into teams and doing a school wide quiz bowl to start out. Then when we get the hang of it try it with other districts or district wide.

    • I like the Math marbel and differnet idea that that sides offer

  4. i did learn about different site and video conferanceing

    • Yes, I agree the resources that are available are priceless.

    • yes that was great learning

  5. I learned how to use Lifesize to dial in. My powerful learning today is that Video Conferencing should be interactive and visually engaging. I am excited that my students will be able to interact with the world outside of their own and learn from content experts and other students.

    • yes I am also excited also that my students will be able to interact with other students and experts.

  6. I learned that with videoconference, we can reach more students and learn different information about other people around the world. I learned that we can use different people as a moderator, so the teachers won’t cheat. I am very excited that I will be able to have my students learn and explore from other people from around the world.

  7. I really enjoyed today. We got to plan for the commercial, is exciting just to think how everything would come out!

  8. Today I was able to really work with my group and come up with great concepts for our projects as well as really learning Google and its components. I have learned how to incorporate VC in actual lessons.

  9. I was fascinated by the interactive lessons today with the Manhattan Music Center and the Puppet Museum. Video conferencing will bring new life into my classroom and I am excited to use it.

    • I was fascinated by the Manhattan School of Music as well! I look forward to adding this type of videoconferencing to my lesson plans. I am excited about using this style of teaching to enhance the skill of reading and comprehending poetry!

  10. The new thing I learned is navigating through the different Google Apps while working with my small group and editing the Introductions document.

    My most powerful learning for today is applying video conferencing to specific content such as math, music, and art.

    The thing that excites me the most about video conferencing is connecting with people from different places and realizing that we have more in common than I thought.

    • I also found very fascinating the Google docs and Google Slides and how it can make collaborating with team members more efficient. Even lesson planning can be more productive if everyone can access it at the same time. I also agree with you Maria on how much we have in common with other places than we think. It is going to be awesome letting our students see that.

    • I really want to become more familiar with google apps as well. I am hoping to have time to before school starts.

    • Maria that was one of the things I found exciting! I worked on Google docs once or twice but I had not experienced working on the document with others simultaneously. That was awesome.

  11. I am excited about sharing math thinking and science projects through videoconferencing.

  12. * What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Monday morning?
    I know more about video conferencing and how it really cool. I’m not as fearful as I was yesterday.

    * What is your powerful learning for today?
    My powerful learning tip for today was that regardless of the age or topic, you can learning something from everything and everyone.

    * What excites you about using videoconferencing with your staff or students?
    Everything excites me, just being able to teach and learn from different places is awesome.

    • I agree about being not as fearful as before. The daily hand on approach has been the most beneficial for me.

  13. I have learned how to work the VC camera and that is something that I did not know when I arrived. I am excited about using the video conferences because this is a way to broaden student knowledge, incorporate more culture, and bring the subject area to life. My powerful learning for today was that I was able to dial in to the video conference with my laptop. That was cool!!

  14. I really enjoyed the videoconferences (guest speakers) that we participated in today. I am learning how to use the equipment and I am improving a little bit every day. Today I am going home feeling more comfortable with the project. My powerful learning is to just jump in and try; there is plenty of support available to me. Thanks Group 3.

    • Catherine,
      You are doing great and I can see your comfort level growing! Please remember to use me as support as well! Don’t forget – videoconference-ish!

    • Catherine, I am so encouraged by you. I appreciate that you speak up when you want clarification and that you are a part of our team!

      • Thank you for the encouragement. It made me smile first thing this morning. Glad to be in Group 3!!!

  15. What I learned today was to use Google Slides and how we can all edit the same presentation at the same time. It was very enlightening to play around with it and see how it works. I also learned to use google docs and I connected my group to Lifesize and video conference with the laptop and that was very exciting. I am very excited at how I am being more proficient with all these technology that a few days ago was very new to me. If I can manage to work these tools, I know I will be able to implement them in my classroom this upcoming year.

    • Good job Rosa! We appreciate you being willing to step outside your box and try new things.

    • I am excited also to try google slides. I can’t wait to use it with my first graders.

  16. * What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Monday morning? I have explored many different VC opportunities and the template booklet is phenomenal!

    * What is your powerful learning for today? I think watching the interactivity of the math marvel piece was eye-opening.

    * What excites you about using videoconferencing with your staff or students? Being able to build confidence and opportunities to expand conversation about content for my students.

  17. I loved the examples that were given today. As we were doing the music VC I was texting my niece (who is a music teacher) telling her about it. I have also sent on video conference ideas for 3 of the teachers in my building… music, gingerbread boy puppet, and butterfly puppet VCs!

    I like connecting with a boarder community of educations. As a librarian in a small school I do many things by myself as I am the only one in my building that does my job and there are only 2 others in my district. Connecting with others both that I work with (so grateful my 1st grade team came to this with me) and at other schools is extremely beneficial.

    • Robin,
      You are discovering why I love videoconferencing so much! It is all about the connections!

  18. I have learned that we can travel to many new places through the use of a computer and video conferencing. Our students can have access to so much more beyond the classroom walls and our own community. This opens up doors that may not be opened for many students. It is educational for both the students and the teachers. My powerful learning for today is that I can do it. Videoconferencing is a great resource for the classroom. We should most definitely take advantage of all of the resources that BOCES has to offer to districts. I feel that videoconferencing is a great resource. I would like to use it as a resource for both science and social studies. Videoconferencing is another way to excite our students about learning!

    • Yay Denise! Keep videoconferencing!

    • I’m going to hold you to that! 🙂

  19. 1.I learned (a little bit- not a lot) how to use the remote while video conferencing. However, I need a lot more practice before I will feel adequate at it.
    2. My powerful learning for today is realizing that “videoconferencing is doable by even me.” I know that I have a lot more to learn and will rely on Amy, Robin etc~ but that’s okay 🙂

    3. I look forward to seeing my students learn from and learn with the students from Texas. I think that it will be a very rewarding experience for all.

    • Maggie – remember videoconference-ish! It does not need to be perfect!

    • I’m there for you!

  20. Day 2: Olive Gomes

    What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Monday morning?
    I know how to connect to the site. I also have great ideas to have interactive lessons we can use.

    * What is your powerful learning for today?
    Etiquette for video conferencing the lunch video.

    * What excites you about using videoconferencing with your staff or students?
    I like bringing the world into my classroom.

  21. I have learned so many ways to actively engage students in the learning process – academic challenges, puppetry, and so much more!
    The most powerful learning for today was the infusion of music into to the Language Arts Classroom which was presented by the Manhattan School of Music. I thoroughly enjoyed the musical accompaniment to the poem, “The ErlKing”. I look forward to using this type of videoconferencing to teach Mood and Tone.
    So much anticipation and excitement for the upcoming school year using Videoconferencing!

    • I agree. The children will be able to take ownership of their learning in a creative as well as interactive way.

  22. I believe my previous ideas of video conferencing were long, dull meetings between out of town managers and bored workers. Fortunately, this workshop has helped me to see how VC can be used for so much more. I’m excited about introducing my future students to VC because I believe the amount of collaboration and inter-connectivity it can bring will be beneficial no matter what their level of learning.

    • I agree! I am much more excited now seeing the possibilities. I’m glad they have connected us with some of these providers so that we can see and experience what is possible for the students.

  23. I had the opportunity to assist as the Tech Facilitator.I strongly recommend that you volunteer for this job. I have a better idea of how to handle the cameras and other essentials such as the mute button. Great job guys!

    • You did a god job, Ivy!

    • I’m going to be the tech facilitator today. I hope that I learn as much as you have 🙂

  24. I learned that video conferencing requires a lot of preparation. There are several things that you must consider on the presentation side and what the viewer will see. Some examples of things to consider are lighting, volume, placement of the camera, where to sit and a lot more.

    • I definitely agree, I think there is more thoughtfulness I will need to put into prepping for a VC session than I initially thought if I want it to be done really well.

  25. I loved the ideas on math marvels would like use that as a warm-up activity. The cheer was a little uncomfortable; but now I know how my students must feels when they are in unfamiliar territory. The collaborations among my peers is fabulous. I’m excited about learning new information and implementing in my class this fall.

  26. I didn’t know there were so many content providers using video conferencing and that some have been doing this since the late 90s. It is very exciting to think about all the places in Texas my kids may be able to actually see virtually to help bring Texas History alive in my classroom. Studies show that kids in poverty generally don’t have experiences that extend 5-15 miles outside of their home/zip code and I plan on using VC to fundamentally change that in my classroom.

    • I was also surprised at the number of providers and how long they have been around but I look forward to using at least one or two by the end of the coming school year.

  27. What do you know now that you did not know when you began this class Monday morning?

    A lot! I have learned so much about how to conduct an excellent video conferencing session including common dos and don’ts of video conferencing. I also learned how effective video conferencing can enhance learning interaction.

    *What is your powerful learning for today?

    My most powerful learning for today is an expansion of the extent to which video conferencing can expand the learning exchange in the classroom. Video conferencing at its best not only allows students to see and learn from each other but they can collaborate on a task in real-time.

    *What excites you about using videoconferencing with your staff or students?

    The possibility of access to the world through content area specialists that use video conferring. The CILC website allows you to find content collaboration partners. WOW!

    • So glad you could join us Denise!

  28. Wow… in the span of 1 day I have gone from frightened dog with my tail between my legs, to an eager beaver wanting to grasp more information. I am getting excited about the different avenues that I can use in my program.

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