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Day 4: You Get it Now, Right?

ideaBe honest.  Before you finished the first day or maybe even halfway through the second day, you were still thinking, “I don’t know about all this videoconferencing stuff.  It seems good and fun, but I’m not sure it’s for me.”  Then all of the sudden you looked up and realized that it hit you.  You had become so engrossed in the activity that the fact that you were videoconferencing dissolved into the periphery.  You got it.  It is for you and everyone else too.  Welcome to the club.  Your membership card goes out in the mail next week.

We want you to try to take that moment and remember it.  You will need it to combat not only the day to day drain of distracting tasks, but the Naysayers that try to remind you that it isn’t for you.  When you become weak, remember us, your Sponsors, and throw us your life preserver so we can help pull you back in.  We will do everything we can to right the ship and get you set back on your course.

Today we reflected on our time together and summarized it in six words for the morning roll call.  We briefly discussed various videoconferencing set-ups before moving into the ASK process.  After spending time connecting literature to personal thoughts/feelings with Veterans (and drying our eyes), we began preparing for the close of the summer session by completing some planning documents and reviewing follow-up dates and expectations.  We had our last Small Groups session before moving into our project commercial presentations.

As you reflect on the new vocabulary you learned today and your experiences throughout the last four days think about the questions below and post a comment.

*How will you share videoconferencing with others? What would you tell them about it?

*What have you noticed about interactions among workshop facilitators? Among participants in your room? In your small group?

*How did you grow or change any of your personal perceptions this week?




  1. I cannot believe that the week is already over. This truly has been one of the more exciting, interesting, and enjoyable professional development opportunities that I have had the pleasure of attending. I look forward to sharing the information I gained this week with my colleagues. I plan on not only sharing the activities and technology with them, but also showing them how to use the technology and various activities.
    The interactions between all participants, both in Syracuse and Texas, were much more comfortable as the days went on and, like I said yesterday, I truly felt like everyone was in the same room most of the time. I consider myself fortunate to be able to connect with educators not only from other districts, but now from another state.
    Coming into this week, I thought that videoconferencing was simply a way to “interview” people in other places. I did not truly realize all of the amazing activities and projects that can be done using videoconferencing. I am so excited to utilize the various videoconferencing activities and sites to not only connect with others around the country and world, but to also truly expand on the learning of my students. I firmly believe that videoconferencing creates endless possibilities for educators and their students.

    • Tom, it was a pleasure getting to know you a bit in the workshop from a distance. I hope you do everything and more than you intend and we get to know one another a lot better. A bonus would be meeting in person some day.

  2. I plan on getting together with Brian to do a professional development with our staff during a professional development day. We have the technology and I WILL use it!
    I think it is a great way for our students to make connections with anywhere outside of Lyncourt!
    I have to say, I can see the solidarity between the presenters and just how well they work together! It was VERY comfortable. As for all of the rest of us…we didn’t know anyone yet we made such great, personal connections. I guess we all came with such open minds and great collaboration skills, we all worked so well together. As the week progressed, we seemed to be able to share more at a more relaxed level. It was really a wonderful experience for me.
    I am so glad that I came. I am convinced that video teleconferencing is another great tool to have in my bag of tricks in the classroom. I know the kids will love participating in them.
    Thank you all for the guidance, patience and sharing of knowledge with me. I will use what I spent the last 4 days learning about, and will invite you to my classroom when I do so!!!

    • I am so glad you came too. I look forward to working with you and Brian on your PD day with the other Facilitators.

  3. I will share videoconferencing with my foreign language department and hopefully Amy can come in and do a workshop showing them what can be done so that they can sign up for this next year.

    I would tell them how every subject area can use videoconferencing, it is collaboration, it brings the world to your classroom, it is higher level thinking, and makes the students create, share, think and learn. It is the most amazing tool you could ever have and we already have it in our schools. It is ready and available to use today.

    All group facilitators and participants share and collaborate. They treat each other with respect and professionally. I feel like they are my new friends and family.

    I have broken out of my shell. I talked to everyone and wasn’t shy. I met so many great teachers and professionals. They are so kind and embracing. It was a little nerve wrecking losing members of my team on a daily basis and I did get nervous, but I did go with the flow and made it all happen. I completed most of the project and just have to tweak it a little bit more. So I handled the stress very well although I don’t think videoconferencing should be this stressful when I do my actual videoconference I doubt it will ever be like this. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

    • Rosanne, I really feel like you got it. I hope we stay connected and get to work together more in the future.

  4. This was a great learning experience that I cannot wait to use in the classroom, and share with co-workers. I really enjoyed not only the exposure to the various resources and uses of video conferencing but also the various technologies that we used throughout this conference. It makes me feel so important, when I’m using the iPad, have 6 tabs open on a laptop, and watching a presentation… like I’m really a techie person!! My notes from this week really go beyond the video conferencing to include websites and activities that I am excited to bring to my school in September. The experiences from the video conferences were awesome! I loved meeting with the different sites, and even though GNG doesn’t offer something for my little ones, I will be sharing it with our Middle School Teacher, and I loved being a part a discussion with them. When I saw the flyer for this workshop, I immediately when to my principal and said that I believed this would be a great way to take my technology background and mesh it with classroom experience. It did not disappoint. Never before have I sat at the final day of a workshop, after 4:30 and had so many thoughts running through my head that I don’t even know what to type… usually it’s be a “great time, so useful” and be home….. but today I’m really left with a lot to consider, and when I’m exhausted but lying in bed awake tonight I have you all to thank for that!

    • Elizabeth, this is such a great comment. I appreciate you sharing it with us and I look forward to working with you again.

  5. Guests in our location and in Syracuse result very informative in the topics we discuss with them.

    The Wall book really like me and I will be looking for a copy to present to my students in a holiday of this country i.e. Independence day, Memorial Day etc.

    Thank you to everyone in my group and all participants to make possible this workshop.

    I would like to continue networking will all of you.
    My campus email is

    God bless you

    • Javier, I’d like to continue networking with you as well. I hope we can work together to share what you learned with you team over the next school year.

  6. I really loved the VC workshop. I wish to attend next year for more training. Everyone in the class was so helpful. Keep up the good work and will see you next year. Please contact me at

    • Linda, we’d love to have you back again to continue to grow your learning and share with others. We look forward to working with you over the next school year.

  7. After I have tried videoconferencing in my classroom, I would love to share the strategies with the teachers in my school. I would explain how engaging and authentic videoconferencing can be.
    The facilitators work very well together and show respect and professionalism. Since our class was really small, everyone had a responsibility to participate. I completely enjoyed working with the distance small group. I think we worked well together and were able to collaborate in this new situation.
    I have definitely seen the value of video conferencing and I’ve learned so much about the collaboration tools.

    • Kara Lynn, the other Facilitators & I will help you share your experience with the other teachers at your school. It will be a great adventure!

  8. I will be sharing vc with my staff via PD and a few minutes at a faculty meeting. I will be showing the equipment and giving examples of how they can use it for PBL.

    I have taken this class before and I am a big fan of vc but did not have the equipment in my current position until now. I saw vc through another lens this time……that of using it for PBL.

    • As you know well, PBL & videoconferencing pair well together. I look forward to working with you as you explore on your own and share with your staff.

  9. Day 4: Olive Gomes
    How will you share videoconferencing with others? What would you tell them about it?
    I will invite them to my class to introduce them to it. A great way to introduce our students to the global community, we can go on field trips and invite experts on different subjects.

    *What have you noticed about interactions among workshop facilitators? Among participants in your room? In your small group?
    Everyone was helpful and took time to explain anything which was not understood.

    *How did you grow or change any of your personal perceptions this week?
    I taught VC was one tool I could use but now I know it is the tool to teach my class.

  10. I will be attending staff meeting and well as other various meetings. I will start off by sharing my experiences here. This has been so empowering. I will be showing this video for an introduction:

    Throughout the week, it became clear that everyone was feeling more confident. I would recommend this workshop to any of my colleagues!

    I personally feel more confident and know I have add several resources for my professional toolkit!

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